September 6-10:  Local Campout

Silver Falls State Park, Group Site B

Food and Equipment Not Provided


September 12, 2018:  Executive Board Meeting 1:30 pm


September 16, 2018:  Executive Council Meeting 5:00 pm, 

                                      General Membership Meeting 6:30 pm




The APWU won a grievance at the national level that resulted in a settlement for the Clerks in the installations that had sales retention team (SRT) sites.  Portland is one of the 13 sites that shall receive a financial remedy.  The time period that Portland employees would need to be a Clerk is from PP03-2014 through PP08-2017.

  1. Each employee/retiree (Members and non-Members) is able to log onto the APWU website and then click on the Members Only tab.
  2. Then “CLICK HERE” without logging in tab under the Sales Retention Team header.
  3. At this point you will be able to enter your EIN (located on the upper left hand corner of an old/current payroll stub)
  4. You will then see your name and the number of credits you have been identified as receiving covering the duration of the grievance period listed, if you qualified. Many employees will see “ZERO” if they failed to meet the qualification of being a full-time Clerk in the site installation during the time period of the grievance. Any employee excessed from the site installation during the period of the grievance period would not be qualified.
  5. The Total Amount to be paid will show “TBD” (to be determined) until such time as the National Union can determine the amount of each credit.  We do not currently know the total monetary amounts. 


Questions or concerns will be addressed at the Local level.  National APWU will refer all enquires to the local APWU office.

PSE Lay Off Rumor Addressed

There is another rumor being spread on the workroom floor that all of the PSE’s will be laid off in September. We have spoken with the Service multiple times in the last few days and been assured that there is no plan to lay off PSE’s in September.  If you know of a manager or supervisor who is telling PSE’s they will be laid off in September, please provide their names to the Union office and or your steward.   


What are the facts?  The Service needs to fill mail handler jobs.  Mail handler career positions will be available for the general public as of  August 13, 2018. It was just a few short weeks ago that the Service planned on forcing 200 clerks into the mail handler craft and laying off 80 PSE’s.  The PACC is scheduled to close around the end of the year. The EPPS is expected to be up and running on October 27th. It is not hard to see that some impact is coming.  What the impact will be, who and how many it will impact is anyone’s guess. We can all see that there will be some impact on the PSE’s is the future.


Each PSE Clerk will need to consider all of their options, and which option is best for them and their families.  Other considerations for the PSE Clerks are: where do you stand on the PSE seniority list; what is the possibility of being converted to career status as clerk; and what is the chance of conversion or being hired as a career mail handler?


We have provided some information for you to consider.  We encourage you to investigate your options, and make the best decision for you and yours.  Each person’s priorities are different, and it would be irresponsible of us to not share this information with each of you.  

July Clerk Craft Vacancy Notice Changes!

The July Clerk Craft vacancy notice shall be changed.  The three (3) customer retention agent duty assignments on pages 1 and 2 will be the only assignments available for bid in the July Vacancy Notice.  A revised notice is being distributed.  The Union and management will be reviewing all other jobs and expect to have them posted in the August vacancy notice.

Excessing Event Cancelled!

We are very happy to announce the cancellation of the excessing of 212 Clerk Craft employees into the Mailhandler, Letter Carrier and Maintenance crafts.  Our Local received notification via email from APWU Western Region Coordinator Omar Gonzalez. Attached to the email was a letter stating ”This is notice that the Portland, OR P&DC excessing event dated March 2, 2018 in the clerk craft is cancelled.  The decision to cancel this notice of withholding is based on further consideration by the Portland District.”

This announcement was confirmed later in the day when President Joe Cogan met with Senior Plant Manager Felipe Flores.  Manager Flores stated that he had reevaluated the situation, held discussions with other USPS representatives and determined it was the “right thing” to do.  We appreciate Plant Manager Flores making this decision and keeping our Clerks in the craft. This action will benefit more than just those Clerks who were destined to become mailhandlers, carriers and custodians.  

Our PSE’s will no longer have their numbers reduced to the maximum extent possible due to the excessing of career Clerks.  PSE’s may be provided more opportunities to remain with the service and have future opportunities for conversion to career status.  This will also allow the non-career employees of the mailhandler and carrier crafts to have an opportunity for conversion to career.  

This is great news for our Membership, and should be celebrated by all. We are grateful that the impact has been cancelled.  We must continue in our fight to protect our rights and the service to our customers. As former APWU President Moe Biller was fond of saying “the struggle continues.”