Membership Endorses

During the June 22nd General Membership a motion was adopted unanimously to endorse the following candidates in the upcoming APWU National Elections.

Mark Dimondstein, President
Jeff Kehlert, Executive Vice-President
Vance Zimmerman, Industrial Relations Director
Judy Beard, Legislative/Political Director
John L. Marcotte, Health Plan Director
Brian Dunsmore, NBA NW Region Clerk (A)
Louis Kingsley, NBA Western Region Maintenance (A)
Jerome Pittman, NBA Western Region MVS

Retirement Seminar

The Portland Oregon Area Local invites you to a Retirement Planning Session and Retiree Workshop Sunday, June 26th 10am – 1pm At the Union Hall 2360 SE Morrison St. Portland, OR 97214.

The class will pertain to Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). The class will be taught by our National APWU retirement specialist Don Sevre, from the APWU Retirees Department.

A Retiree workshop will directly follow the retirement planning session. This workshop will start at 2pm at the union hall. Retirees will hear from multiple speakers and will learn the benefits of starting a retiree chapter. Please RSVP by calling 503-231-1797. Snacks will be provided

Pen Pushers Update

Last Monday clerks from the P&DC and PACC gathered to learn and discuss strategies regarding the latest round of repostings and excessing. That same evening we were notified by management that the notification letters that had been sent out would be rescinded. At that time no reasons were given.

Management requested to meet on Friday and our local representatives met once again with USPS representatives. To his credit Senior Plant Manager Felipe Flores had the letters rescinded in order to address the issues raised by the Union.

During the Friday meeting we secured several commitments from management.

  • We submitted graphs showing the tour one PSE hours in an attempt to reduce the number of duty assignment to be excessed from tour one. Management committed to review the information.
  • Management committed to ensure that employees receive timely notifications that contain accurate information and effective dates.
  • That the majority of notification letters will be hand delivered by supervisors who will be briefed so that they may answer any questions or concerns that the employees may have.
  • That large spreadsheets with the proposed jobs will be posted both at the P&DC and PACC when the notification letters are distributed.
  • That the 18 newly established tour two assignments at the PACC are an increase in complement and will not result in reversions in other sections along with 4 tour two assignments at the P&DC.
  • We were notified that management will not award the 18 tour two assignments APBS this month but will repost them in the next vacancy announcement.
  • Management will provide a plan to fill the 18 tour two assignment at the PACC while they are pending the award and placement of clerks.

We are still demanding and have yet to receive sufficient justification for the changes at the PACC of assignments from NTFT to traditional. We have scheduled two additional meetings to attempt to resolve all the outstanding issues before management proceeds and we are forced to file grievances.

Clerks can expect to receive new notification letters before the end of the month.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Pen Pushers Destroy Work Schedules with no Respect for the Workers

Senior Plant Manager Felipe Flores seems to be content to allow the newest batch of Pen Pushers to create the “latest and greatest” plans to save the Postal Service with no regard to the impact on employee’s lives.

They continue to ignore the fact that upending entire work crews causes everyone a tremendous amount of stress and concern. Child care, transportation, family, and sleep schedules are all disrupted and the pen pushers simply shrug their shoulders. They make no effort to reduce impacts by utilizing postal support employees or allowing attrition to accomplish the changes.

Acting In-Plant Support Manager Bob Vore signed over a hundred notification letters and began distributing them to employees at the Plant and PACC on February 23 before the ink was even dry on their final plan.  These letters do little to inform the employees why these reposting or abolishments must occur. This is because there is no justification. The Pen Pushers met with your representatives and could give no explanation on why the changes were necessary at the PACC other than to say that Southern California’s mail would now be trucked.  Then an hour later with no explanation or discussion the Pen Pushers changed their plan again and signed the letters you received. Actions speak louder than words, so we’ve learned that whatever comes out of a Pen Pusher’s mouth can’t be trusted from one hour to the next.

Also the recent transplant from Indianapolis Pen Pusher MDO Marek Kazibwami seems to be content with stating that the changes are necessary after having worked in Portland for less than a few months.  When confronted with questions regarding their plan he could only read from a national arbitration that has no bearing on the issues presented.  He ignores the fact that employees with over 35 year’s seniority were being displaced by PSE’s with less than two years seniority. He ignores the fact that workers at the PACC just had their job reposted as NTFT.  When challenged to use PSE’s instead he could only reply that they are needed where they are at.

Downtown the Pen Pushers moved employees to tour 3 weeks ago from tour 1. With no regard to these employees many will be shuffled back to their rightful tour because of their seniority. A new batch of employees will learn that they are now excessed from tour 1. These Pen Pusher’s disrespect and lack of consideration for employee’s lives outside their workplace knows no bounds.

The Pen Pushers have been hard at work out at the Mt. Hood DDC also. Mt. Hood clerks have just seen their tour 1 assignments decimated. For the past year clerks have been pushed and pulled from one assignment to the next each time with the promise that the latest and greatest plan will solve all the problems that management has created for themselves.

We as employees understand that at times change is necessary. But we won’t standby and allow the Pen Pushers to disrupt our lives with no genuine explanations for why.

What can we do? We all need to get involved. Spread the word to your co-workers.

Join us on Monday February 29th at 1 p.m. at the Union Hall to discuss how our actions will speak louder than words.


Classes and upcoming Meetings

January 12 ~ How to read your paycheck stub ~ facilitated by Cheryl Walton, Director of Education

11 a.m – Noon

2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

January 13 ~ General Membership Meeting

6:30 p.m.

January 14 ~ How to cope with stress in your life at work and home ~ facilitated by Martin Barron, National Business Agent

11 a.m. – Noon

2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

January 16 ~ Join Cheryl Walton, Director of Education for a walk in the park, part of the stress relief program

10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at Laurelhurst Park 39th and Stark

January 20 ~ How to read your paycheck stub ~ facilitated by Cheryl Walton, Director of Education

11 a.m – Noon

2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

January 23 ~ Postal Support Employees Question and Answer session ~  facilitated by Joe Cogan, Vice President

9 a.m – 1 p.m.

All meetings at 2360 SE Morrison ST, Portland Oregon 97214 unless otherwise noted


PSE Health Insurance Seminars

PSE’s if you have questions or would like to learn more about health insurance as a PSE, plan on attending one of the listed seminars being conducted on Saturday November 14th. Presentation and questions will be handled by Health Plan Representative Daniel Cortez.

Consumer Driven Option 2016

November 14, 2015

Times: 9:30, 11:30, 13:30, 1500, 1700

APWU Union Hall, 2360 SE Morrison St. Portland OR, 97214