The Oregon Postal Workers Union conducted their Fall Seminar at the local Union Office. Shout out to the instructors: Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzalez, National Business Agents Brian Dunn, Brian Dunsmore, Louis  Kingsley, Hector Baez and EAP Consultant Sarah Meyer.  Appreciation to all the officers and stewards from around the state who took time from their weekend to attend.

Union Training 2018 #2 012

Photo by Nathan Richardson


October 16               Voter Registration Deadline, State of Oregon

October 17               Local Executive Board Meeting – 1:30 pm, Union Hall

October 20               OPWU Fall Seminar – 9:30 am , Union Hall

October 21               OPWU Fall Seminar – 10:00, Union Hall

October 21               General Membership Meeting – 6:30 pm, Union Hall

October 29               In Person Voter Registration Deadline, State of Washington

October 31               BOO


September 6-10:  Local Campout

Silver Falls State Park, Group Site B

Food and Equipment Not Provided


September 12, 2018:  Executive Board Meeting 1:30 pm


September 16, 2018:  Executive Council Meeting 5:00 pm, 

                                      General Membership Meeting 6:30 pm



The APWU won a grievance at the national level that resulted in a settlement for the Clerks in the installations that had sales retention team (SRT) sites.  Portland is one of the 13 sites that shall receive a financial remedy.  The time period that Portland employees would need to be a Clerk is from PP03-2014 through PP08-2017.

  1. Each employee/retiree (Members and non-Members) is able to log onto the APWU website and then click on the Members Only tab.
  2. Then “CLICK HERE” without logging in tab under the Sales Retention Team header.
  3. At this point you will be able to enter your EIN (located on the upper left hand corner of an old/current payroll stub)
  4. You will then see your name and the number of credits you have been identified as receiving covering the duration of the grievance period listed, if you qualified. Many employees will see “ZERO” if they failed to meet the qualification of being a full-time Clerk in the site installation during the time period of the grievance. Any employee excessed from the site installation during the period of the grievance period would not be qualified.
  5. The Total Amount to be paid will show “TBD” (to be determined) until such time as the National Union can determine the amount of each credit.  We do not currently know the total monetary amounts. 


Questions or concerns will be addressed at the Local level.  National APWU will refer all enquires to the local APWU office.