Do Not Take Postal Pulse Survey

From APWU Industrial Relations Director Charlie Cash: It had been brought to our attention that the Postal Pulse survey contained Employee Identification Numbers on them. The Postal Service has admitted that this is the case and they are blaming Gallup for the error. Of course, the APWU has always recommended that employees DO NOT TAKE THE SURVEY! It is even more imperative this year to get the message out as it appears that both Gallup and the Postal Service can identify who submitted the survey. The Postal Service is instructing units that still have the surveys to destroy them or send them back to Gallup. They are also instructing employees to destroy their surveys—something the APWU whole-heartedly agrees with. However, the Postal Service is in the process of reprinting the surveys without the EIN information and resending the surveys.  THE APWU STILL RECOMMENDS YOU DESTROY YOUR SURVEY AND NOT TAKE IT!

Better yet, turn your survey into the local office or your steward for a chance to win in our quarterly drawings.