Upcoming Local Negotiations

After the new contract is announced, the local will have a window of opportunity to negotiate our Local Memorandum of Understanding (LMOU), historically 60 days following the new contract. This is a locally negotiated agreement that covers twenty-two (22) items specified by Article 30 of the CBA.  Here are the items as listed in our contract:

  1. Additional or longer wash-up periods.
  2. The establishment of a regular work week of five days with either fixed or rotating days off.
  3. Guidelines for the curtailment or termination of postal operations to conform to orders of local authorities or as local conditions warrant because of emergency conditions.
  4. Formulation of local leave program.
  5. The duration of the choice vacation period(s).
  6. The determination of the beginning day of an employee’s vacation period.
  7. Whether employees at their option may request two selections during the choice vacation period, in units of either 5 or 10 days.
  8. Whether jury duty and attendance at National or State Conventions shall be charged to the choice vacation period.
  9. Determination of the maximum number of employees who shall receive leave each week during the choice vacation period.
  10. The issuance of official notices to each employee of the vacation schedule approved for such employee.
  11. Determination of the date and means of notifying employees of the beginning of the new leave year.
  12. The procedures for submission of applications for annual leave during other than the choice vacation period.
  13. The method of selecting employees to work on a holiday.
  14. Whether “Overtime Desired” lists in Article 8 shall be by section and/or tour.
  15. The number of light duty assignments within each craft or occupational group to be reserved for temporary or permanent light duty assignment.
  16. The method to be used in reserving light duty assignments so that no regularly assigned member of the regular work force will be adversely affected.
  17. The identification of assignments that are to be considered light duty within each craft represented in the office.
  18. The identification of assignments comprising a section, when it is proposed to reassign within an installation employees excess to the needs of a section.
  19. The assignment of employee parking spaces.
  20. The determination as to whether annual leave to attend Union activities requested prior to determination of the choice vacation schedule is to be part of the total choice vacation plan.
  21. Those other items which are subject to local negotiations as provided in the craft provisions of this Agreement.
  22. Local implementation of this Agreement relating to seniority, reassignments and posting.

Our request is that each of you takes some time to look at the existing LMOU for your office.  Read through the twenty-two items, especially those that you feel are important.  We will be announcing meetings in the near future to speak with you, our Members, about any proposed changes you would like to see in the LMOU language for your office.   Bring any ideas that you have to the meeting and we can discuss them.  We hope to hold several meetings for offices where the Members work on different tours/shifts so that every Member has a chance for input.  Your right to have a voice in these meetings is one of the benefits of being a Member of the APWU and the Portland Area Local – exercise that right.

Please remember that if we want to change any item in the existing LMOU, we must negotiate with management.  There is no guarantee that we can reach agreement on new language, but that should not prevent us from presenting proposals for negotiation.  If you do not have a copy of your LMOU, they are available on this website.

Also, remember the old saying, “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

Portland Installation Excessing Canceled

The Local received notice February 11, 2020 that the excessing event for Tour One Mail Processing Clerks in the Portland Installation has been canceled. The Local would like to thank the members for their support during this time.  More shall be revealed as information becomes available.

Portland Installation Not So Happy Holidays

The Local Union was informed on Friday, December 27, 2019 that the service plans to abolish all Tour 1 Mail Processing Clerk positions assigned to the automation letter section.   The service claims this will prevent an excessing outside the installation and/or craft.   The Local Union was told that more information will be provided by December 31, 2019.  This action will result in all the Portland Installation Tour 1 MPC jobs being re-posted.  The senior clerk who will have their job abolished is the most senior MPC in the Portland installation.  The Local Officers and Stewards are addressing this issue. Watch this site for more information.



This is an open letter to the members of the Portland Oregon Area Local APWU and their immediate families.  We ask for your assistance in the Auxiliary to the Portland Oregon American Postal Workers Union.

As noted in the last issue of The Poker, currently we are still without a local Auxiliary Treasurer as our latest one has moved out of state along with her APWU husband.  Thus far, no one has stepped forward to volunteer to do the job.  We cannot go on without a Treasurer.  It is not a difficult position and sometimes many months go by with no duties whatsoever.  After more than 90 years, we would hate to see the local Auxiliary have to fold. Want to volunteer but not yet a member?  Local Auxiliary dues are only $15 per year, $5 of that goes to national dues and $5 goes to the state Auxiliary.  Contact me for information on how to become an Auxiliary member.

Local Auxiliary activities depend on what the members choose (such as our Backpack Food projects, assisting with the credit union annual toy drive, showing up for rallies, etc.). We also do fun things:  Picnics, annual Christmas and birthday lunches, bingo parties, etc. Approximately once a month, we assist the Local by address labeling The Poker. It usually takes only about one hour or a little more (depending on how many show up).  Sometimes there are snacks. 

Our meetings are every other month (except in the summer) at 1:00 P.M. on the second Thursday of the month. Our next regular meeting is September 12 at 1:00 P.M. at the Local Union Office meeting hall, 2360 SE Morrison St (Belmont side). Meetings usually take about an hour, but it depends on members’ input and questions.  The months of our meetings are January, March, May, September and November each year. We will have to make a decision at the September meeting on the future of the local Auxiliary if there is no volunteer for the position of local Treasurer coming forth. 

My name is Mike Parker and I am the current Portland Area Local Auxiliary President and a retired local and state APWU officer.  For Mikes contact information contact the local office.

APWU National Election-Get Out the Vote

The Portland Oregon Area local is conducting a “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV) campaign.  This year one voting  member will be drawn for a $1000  prize.  To be eligible you must be a member in good standing and you must cast a ballot in accordance with the National APWU constitution.

In accordance with the National APWU constitution, ballots will be mailed to the members by September 15, 2019 and must be return to the designated PO Box by 2:00 pm on  October 5, 2019.


 An election to fill the vacant Clerk Craft Director position will be held at the September 15, 2019 General Membership Meeting. The General Membership Meeting begins at 6:30 pm.  This change was decided by a majority of the Local Executive Board to avoid any issues with notification of the membership.

This is in accordance with The Portland Oregon Area Local Constitution and Bylaws Article 10, Section 9. “Vacancies of Craft officers shall be filled by nomination and vote of Craft members present at a special election meeting.” Any member in good standing of the Clerk Craft is eligible to be nominated, run and vote for the position of Clerk Craft Director at the September 15, 2019 General Membership Meeting held at 2360 SE Morrison Portland OR 97214.   

Clerk Craft Director Resigns

Clerk Craft Director Kevin Fraser resigned effective June 21, 2019.  Kevin has transferred to the Redmond WA Post Office to be close to family.  We fully support Kevin’s decision. We will miss him greatly.  Kevin has been a friend and an active member of our local for several years.

Kevin’s letter of resignation:

To the Membership, Stewards and Executive Board at the Portland Oregon Area Local,

It is with mixed emotions that I am tendering my resignation as the Clerk craft Director for Portland Oregon Area Local, effective June 21, 2019. I have accepted a transfer to the Redmond WA Post Office in order to be close to family, particularly my grandchildren.

The emotions are mixed, because this involves leaving my Union family. From the time I transferred here from Florida in November 2006, I have felt welcome as a member, and appreciated as a Steward and Officer of the Local. I thank you all for putting your faith and trust in me to hold a leadership role in this Local. I has been an honor to fight for your rights, to be your friend, your confidant, and yes, your family.

I’d like to think that I’m leaving the Local in a little better shape than when I got here. Those that know me know that I’m a digital hoarder. I will be provide copies of my thumb drive to all of the Clerk stewards in the Portland Bid cluster and extra copies will be available at the Hall if any of the AO stewards would like a copy.

I will make on final request of you. This Local needs you. Someone needs to track the bids. The local is always in need of additional stewards, alternate stewards, and active members. Members that will go to meetings and ask the questions instead of listening to the rumors. Members that will stand for their rights-their own and their coworkers’.

It’s been an honor and a privilege. You will be missed, bu you won’t be forgotten. Thank You.

Kevin Fraser