The service is rolling out a new survey.  The survey is being put out by USPS Headquarters and Shaker Consulting.  The Portland Oregon Area Local and the APWU ask that the employees do not participate in this voluntary survey.  The service has utilized surveys against the members in negotiations and arbitration. The most current survey is an attempt to downgrade the work we perform.  The APWU contract expires in less than a year. We will be collecting the surveys as we have with the pulse survey.


2018-20 Officer Election Results

Nominations for local officers resulted in the following officers being unopposed and elected for the 2018-2020 term:

President- Joe Cogan

Vice-President- Bill Martin

Secretary Treasurer- Debbie Battle

Clerk Craft Director – Kevin Fraser

Maintenance Craft Director – John King

Motor Vehicle Service Director – Steven Clinton

Associate Office Director – Verna Matthews

Director of Education- Cheryl Walton

Director of Legislation – Daniel Cortez

Editor – Daryl Teckenberg


APWU Conference in Las Vegas

Some Portland Oregon Area Local members, officers and stewards were attending training and conferences in Las Vegas during the tragic shooting event that occurred on October 1st, 2017.  All members, officers and stewards of the Portland Oregon Area Local have  checked in and are safe.   Our thoughts are with all those who are impacted by this tragic event.

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we give notice of the passing of Past Portland Oregon Area Local President Darrell Strobel. Darrell was a wonderful and dedicated Union brother and we will miss him greatly.Darrell

January 8, 2017 meetings canceled

The Local Executive Board has made the decision to cancel the membership and
Special Election meetings scheduled for January 8,2017. Ice is a problem all over the surrounding areas.  The Special Election meeting will be re-scheduled in accordance with the Local constitution.