Employee Labor Relations Manual (ELM)

432.32 Maximum Hours Allowed

Except as designated in labor agreements for bargaining unit employees or in emergency situations as determined by the postmaster general (or designee), employees may not be required to work more than 12 hours in 1 service day. In addition, the total hours of daily service, including scheduled workhours, overtime, and mealtime, may not be extended over a period longer than 12 consecutive hours. Postmasters and exempt employees are excluded from these provisions.

434.1 Overtime

434.11 General In emergencies or as the needs of the service require, the postmaster or installation head may require employees to perform work that is in excess of 8 paid hours in a day or 40 paid hours in a week. a. The overtime limits in 432.32 may not be exceeded.

Joint Contract Interpretation Manual (JCIM)

The overtime limits in Article 8.5.G apply only to full-time regulars and full-time flexible employees. However, Part 432.32 of the Employee & Labor Relations Manual (ELM) provides the following rule: Except as designated in labor agreements for bargaining unit employees or in emergency situations as determined by the PMG (or designee), part-time flexible employees may not be required to work more than twelve hours in one service day. In addition, the total hours of daily service, including scheduled work hours, overtime, and mealtime, may not be extended over a period longer than twelve consecutive hours. Because the above referenced regulation limits total daily service time to twelve hours, including work and mealtime, an employee is effectively limited to twelve hours (minus mealtime) per day of work. The collective bargaining agreement creates exceptions to the general rule established under ELM 432.32. The only exception to this rule in the APWU National Agreement is for full-time employees on the overtime desired list who, in accordance with Article 8.5.G, “may be required to work up to twelve hours in a day.” Since “work” does not include mealtime within the meaning of Article 8.5.G, the “total hours of daily service” for full-time employees on the overtime desired list may extend over a period of twelve hours plus mealtime. This exception does not apply to full-time regulars who are not on the overtime desired list. The restrictions of Section 432.32 of the ELM also apply to Postal Support Employees.

Contact Info for Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF)

Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF)

P.O. Box 41220

Fredericksburg, VA 22404-1220202-408-1869

If you have been effected by the fires, this organization may be of help to you.

If you have not been impacted by the fires, please consider making a donation to help our sisters and brothers.

Stay Safe

Our original intent was to post the latest information regarding our upcoming membership meetings.  After having had four recent reports of positive Covid-19 tests in offices that our local represents and speaking with a member who has been quarantined, that information can wait.  We had  very  few cases of positive Covid-19 tests in the Portland District up until recently.  We believe we are now in excess of 20 cases.

We spoke with one of our members who is now in quarantine. Through no fault of their own this member is now at home, awaiting a test to see if they contracted the virus. It is our understanding that the employee who tested positive was not interested in wearing a mask while at work and did not follow the instructions of our employer. The instruction is, masks must be worn when at work.  No matter your position on the virus or masks, we ask that you put yourselves in the shoes of your co-workers.  Put yourself in the shoes of a co-worker who may be at risk and finds out that another co-worker has tested positive. Consider how you would feel if you became exposed by a co-worker who came to work sick and/or chose not to wear a mask. Please, if you are sick, STAY HOME!  Wear a mask, maintain social distancing and wash your hands frequently.  Your Union has been able to negotiate several agreements that can help with employees taking leave during the current pandemic in which we currently live.  We must continue to look out for our sisters and brothers.

September Membership meeting shall be held via Zoom.  Details will be posted here soon.


We have been fighting to save the Postal Service for years.  From Stop Staples to US MAIL NOT FOR SALE, we have been hard at work spreading the word to protect this vital service to the American People and to protect our livelihood

We are in dire straights – with predictions coming that the USPS could run out of money in as little as a few months.  If you have not already done so, please sign the letter to Congress.

In Oregon we are fortunate that many of our congressional representatives are steadfast supporters.  This letter gives those steadfast supporters solid backing.  

In addition, please share the message far and wide with your family, friends, and social media networks, and most importantly, get your co-workers on the workroom floor to do the same.

All members of Congress, including those that already love us, need to hear our urgent message.

Add your name. Email Congress now.   Here is a direct link:


Our local executive board would like to take the opportunity to thank every APWU member and all Postal Workers for the work you are doing during the COVID-19 crisis.  No matter what your craft, you are making a difference during these uncertain times. Clerk, Motor Vehicle Service, Maintenance, Carrier, Rural Carrier or Mail Handler, all are contributing to keep the citizens of the country informed and supplied with necessary medicines, pay checks and supplies that allow them to stay home.  There is no doubt many citizens of this country are contributing at different levels.  Doctors, nurses, emergency response workers, grocery clerks and others are showing great courage and unselfishness. While we hear of their efforts the employees of the USPS are often forgotten.  There is no doubt that you are contributing.   You are showing courage and unselfishness.

With more and more Postal Workers testing positive for COVID-19, you are continuing to step up.  Our brothers and sisters in the maintenance craft, and sometimes from other crafts, are cleaning our offices.  The importance of us working in a clean, sterile and safe workplace is more evident than ever.  This group is tasked with cleaning and disinfecting so we can work in safe environments.

Maintenance employees are keeping our machines running and our buildings operating.  Clerks are processing mail, MVS workers transport the mail and carriers are delivering so we can continue to serve our customers.  Our Sales and Service Associates are out front assisting our customers in a position that may be the most COVID-19 exposed job in the Postal Service.

What a different time we are living in today. Please take care of each other.  Consider exchanging phone numbers and committing to report any COVID-19 symptoms to each other and management.  If you have symptoms, don’t wait for management, USPS nurses or doctors.  Take care of yourself, your family and friends. Stay Home, Save Lives. We will continue to keep you informed.  Let us know if one of your coworkers is going above and beyond.

We are proud to call you our brothers and sisters.  We are honored to represent you.  We are humbled by your service.  Stay safe!

New Contract Announced!


The big news is in – 200,000 postal workers represented by the APWU have a new union contract!

Neutral Arbitrator and Interest Arbitration Panel Chair Stephen Goldberg issued his binding decision on the terms of the new union contract between the American Postal Workers Union and the United States Postal Service.

Our National headquarters will hold two APWU Town Halls on Tuesday, March 17 at either 8 AM or 4 PM Pacific time (11 AM and 7 PM EDT).  You are encouraged to register for the Town Hall at:

We realize there will be many questions about provisions of Arbitrator Goldberg’s decision.  Information will be released during the coming weeks about when we will receive our retroactive wage increases, Postal Support Employee (PSE) to career appointments, etc.

Portland Installation Excessing Canceled

The Local received notice February 11, 2020 that the excessing event for Tour One Mail Processing Clerks in the Portland Installation has been canceled. The Local would like to thank the members for their support during this time.  More shall be revealed as information becomes available.

Portland Installation Not So Happy Holidays

The Local Union was informed on Friday, December 27, 2019 that the service plans to abolish all Tour 1 Mail Processing Clerk positions assigned to the automation letter section.   The service claims this will prevent an excessing outside the installation and/or craft.   The Local Union was told that more information will be provided by December 31, 2019.  This action will result in all the Portland Installation Tour 1 MPC jobs being re-posted.  The senior clerk who will have their job abolished is the most senior MPC in the Portland installation.  The Local Officers and Stewards are addressing this issue. Watch this site for more information.