SRT Grievance Settlement

Payment Checks for SRT Remedy to be Mailed in January
As part of the remedy settlement for the Postal Service’s violations regarding the Sales Retention Team (SRT) Pilot Program, the Postal Service is expected to be mailing settlement payments to previously identified eligible individuals by the end of January 2019.
On July, 8, 2018, the APWU identified and posted the names of eligible employees and amounts to be paid on the APWU website. Current and former employees had an opportunity to address eligibility and the amount received. After all the information was processed, the APWU provided the names of eligible employees and amounts to the Postal Service so they could send the payment checks to employees.
SRT Remedy Payment
The first round of SRT Remedy Payments will be made by separate check to the individuals provided by the APWU.
It is anticipated that the checks will be mailed mid/end of January.
Employees on the Rolls
Checks to employees currently on the rolls will be mailed to the employee’s current work location.
Those employees who have direct deposit for their payroll check will have a paper check mailed to their work location.
Employees No Longer on the Rolls
For individuals who are not on the rolls, checks will be mailed to their home address of record.
Please do not spend the money before you receive it.