Stay Safe

Our original intent was to post the latest information regarding our upcoming membership meetings.  After having had four recent reports of positive Covid-19 tests in offices that our local represents and speaking with a member who has been quarantined, that information can wait.  We had  very  few cases of positive Covid-19 tests in the Portland District up until recently.  We believe we are now in excess of 20 cases.

We spoke with one of our members who is now in quarantine. Through no fault of their own this member is now at home, awaiting a test to see if they contracted the virus. It is our understanding that the employee who tested positive was not interested in wearing a mask while at work and did not follow the instructions of our employer. The instruction is, masks must be worn when at work.  No matter your position on the virus or masks, we ask that you put yourselves in the shoes of your co-workers.  Put yourself in the shoes of a co-worker who may be at risk and finds out that another co-worker has tested positive. Consider how you would feel if you became exposed by a co-worker who came to work sick and/or chose not to wear a mask. Please, if you are sick, STAY HOME!  Wear a mask, maintain social distancing and wash your hands frequently.  Your Union has been able to negotiate several agreements that can help with employees taking leave during the current pandemic in which we currently live.  We must continue to look out for our sisters and brothers.

September Membership meeting shall be held via Zoom.  Details will be posted here soon.