July Clerk Craft Vacancy Notice Changes!

The July Clerk Craft vacancy notice shall be changed.  The three (3) customer retention agent duty assignments on pages 1 and 2 will be the only assignments available for bid in the July Vacancy Notice.  A revised notice is being distributed.  The Union and management will be reviewing all other jobs and expect to have them posted in the August vacancy notice.

Seniority Concerns?

The following letter was attached to a petition that has been circulated within the Portland Installation.  It has been re-written here exactly as it was presented to the employees who signed.


To Whom It May Concern:

We currently work in the Portland District and we are having some restructuring happen here.  However, it appears that there is some inconsistency in this restructuring. Please allow me to explain.

A number of years ago, there were two facilities that had been set up in the Portland area, but neither one was assigned to the Portland District.  Their names were Sunset and Mt. Hood. A few years ago, Sunset was disbanded and the people working there were absorbed into the Portland District. At that time, all the employees in Sunset were “transferred” to Portland and placed at the bottom of the seniority roster.  This was agreed to by both the APWU and the USPS as the correct manner in which to handle this manner.

Currently, we are, again, shuffling the Mt. Hood employees into the Portland District. As per past activities, they should be “transferred” to Portland and placed at the bottom of the seniority roster.  However, the APWU is planning on shuffling them into the seniority roster with their current dates.

Some are saying this is to protect a APWU official, and some say it is to protect a APWU official’s girlfriend.  I do not know, nor do I care. My concern is that the Mt. Hood people are being afforded preferential treatment. If it was correct to “transfer” the Sunset people to the bottom of the list, then it is equally correct to “transfer” the Mt. Hood people in exactly the same fashion.

I, and all the others that have signed this paper, are requesting that Mt. Hood be treated the same as Sunset and be “transferred” into their proper standing in the Portland District.

Thank you,

This petition has not been provided to the Portland Oregon Area Local by the author or any of those who signed it.  The Local received a copy from a shop steward when it was first being circulated. Having received that copy, I went to the PACC  and discussed the issue with the clerk who claims to have authored the petition. Nothing more was heard of this until June 27, 2018. On June 27, a letter from the National APWU was received at the local office with eight copies of the petition.  The petitions were sent to the National President of the APWU, and as far as I know with no further discussion with the local officers.

Let us get some facts straight:

Sunset DDC was discontinued in accordance with Art. 12.5.C.1 of our contract with the USPS.

Mt. Hood P&DC was consolidated in accordance with Art. 12.5.C.2 of our contract with the USPS.

No local union officer or steward has brought the issue of Mt. Hood P&DC, Sunset DDC and Portland installations seniority or this petition to any executive board, executive council or membership meeting.

Some of the signers of the petition are not members of the APWU and do not have a voice or vote.

Some of the signers of the petition are mailhandlers, who are not members of the APWU and do not have a voice or vote.

The petition refers to the “Portland District.”.  The Portland District includes all of Oregon and SW Washington.  I believe that when the author was referring to the Portland District, the proper reference should have been the Portland Installation.  Sunset DDC, Mt. Hood P&DC, and Portland were separate installations in the Portland District. They are all now the Portland Installation inside the Portland District.

When I spoke with the author, I asked for a few clarifications and provided some evidence and facts.  The author stated they did not know the names of the “APWU official” or “APWU officials girlfriend” referred to in the letter.  The author did not know the names, and could not provide any evidence that this was true, yet chose to include it in the petition with a claim of “I do not know, nor do I care”.

The evidence I provided to the author included copies of our contract with the USPS that determines how mail processing facilities are consolidated and discontinued and how seniority is determined when these actions take place.  I provided a copy of the Sunset DDC seniority roster, prior to the discontinuance of that installation. I provided a portion of the Portland seniority roster, showing that the Sunset employees who were involuntarily reassigned, not transferred, into Portland, carried their seniority with them.

The petition states “At that time, all the employees in Sunset were “transferred” to Portland and placed at the bottom of the seniority roster.”  The employees were not transferred, they were involuntarily reassigned.  Some may have been placed at the bottom simply based on their seniority, some were PTF’s at Sunset DDC, but the employees who were involuntarily reassigned, not transferred, to Portland came, and were placed, with their Sunset DDC seniority and is evidenced by the seniority rosters of both installations.  

The petition states “However, the APWU is planning on shuffling them into the seniority roster with their current dates.”   The APWU and the USPS have, and are, in constant discussion of the appropriate application of seniority in accordance with the contract.  The APWU has, and will continue to, enforce our contract and ensure that the language of the contract is followed. The Articles and sections that pertain to seniority in the clerk craft during the consolidation of installations were provided to the author of the petition.

Art. 12.5.C.1.b Involuntary reassignment of full-time employees with their seniority for duty assignments to vacancies in the same or lower level in the same craft or occupational group in installations within 100 miles (Portland) of the of the discontinued installation (Sunset),….

Article 12.5.C.2.a  “When an independent postal installation (Mt. Hood P&DC) is consolidated with another postal installation (Portland), each full-time or part-time flexible employee shall be involuntarily reassigned to the continuing installation without loss of seniority in the employee’s craft or occupational group.    

We are willing to provide evidence and explain the how’s and why’s of seniority during an involuntary reassignment/excessing event to any member. I would refer any members who have concerns, call the local office, come to a local membership meeting, read Art. 12, sections 4 and 5, and Art. 37, Section 2 of our contract and the Joint Contract Interpretation Manual, both available at the local office, with your steward or at apwu.org.

I fully understand that change is hard.  I understand that many employees are concerned with where they are on the seniority roster.  I ask that the membership have the discussion with me, Vice-President Bill Martin or any of the craft directors.  We are the APWU representatives that are meeting with the service on a regular basis. We are willing to provide evidence and explain the how’s and why’s of seniority during an involuntary reassignment/excessing event to any member.  The suggestion that any of our representatives would abuse their positions to protect a steward or a steward’s girlfriend by violating the contract or through the manipulation of contract language at the expense of all people represented by the APWU is simply offensive to all who uphold our contract.

Joe Cogan-President

June 18th Rally

On June 18 some of our local members were joined by other members of our community in a rally to bring attention to the reduction of almost 300 clerk craft jobs in the Portland Oregon Installation. Thanks to all who attended, including Jobs with Justice, NALC, AFL-CIO of Oregon, and CPWU.



New Portland P&DC Opening

We are less than two weeks away from the opening of the new Portland P&DC building. The USPS does not know what the Clerk, Maintenance and Motor Vehicle duty assignments will be.  The APWU Local officers met with local postal officials on May 30 and 31, 2018. The service could not give the APWU Local officers a date when the next clerk craft posting will be available for review, what the maintenance assignments will be, and stated that the MVS runs are changing as the MVS employees are bidding.  18 days before opening, the USPS is still unable to determine what their employees bid jobs will be in a building that they have known about for years. The USPS will resort to giving their employees a temporary assignment order to report to the new facility. The Union is still of the position that the employees were entitled to more than a couple of weeks notice. At the most recent meeting the Union informed the USPS that it does not agree with the temporary assignments.  

The USPS made the decision to build a new facility.  The USPS made the decision to move all mail processing operations from three facilities into one facility.  The USPS made the decision to change our jobs. It is now our job to make sure that they follow our contract with the USPS.   How is it the second largest employer in the United States of America can’t figure out that all of this should have been started sooner or postpone the opening to a later date?  The USPS cannot even get the furniture delivered and must postpone the moving of some of the employees who work in the District offices to a later date. We have heard this whole event described as a runaway train that is destined to crash.  That may turn out to be true.

18 days prior to opening the service has not determined how the employees will be trained on safety, emergency evacuation, how to provide and assign lockers or give some type of general orientation of the new facility. The employee labor relations manual states:

817.4 General Safety Orientation for Employees

All employees, including non-career employees, must receive a general safety and health orientation and sufficient on-the-job training to enable them to follow safe work practices, to recognize hazards, and to understand the benefits to be gained by following safe work practices. Such training must also include:

  1.     Site-specific safety rules,
  2.     Specific job safety analysis,
  3.     Required OSHA programs,
  4.     Emergency evacuation procedures, and
  5.     OSHA rights and responsibilities (see 817.5).

If the service fails to provide this orientation, please fill out a Form 1767, Report of Unsafe Work Condition or Unsafe Work Practice and give it to your supervisor.  Your supervisor is required to fill out their portion of the form and return your copy by the end of your shift. We should be using the Form 1767 to report all unsafe work conditions – it will be very important as we enter into a new facility.  

Date of Impact/Excessing is October 27, 2018.

As of May 30, 2018 the USPS states that the number of Full-Time Clerks to be excessed is 182.

As of May 30, 2018 the USPS states that the current PSE complement is 119 and they still intend on reducing that number to 47.

Merged Clerk Craft Seniority Roster

The Mt. Hood and Portland Installations merged seniority roster has been posted on the Portland Seniority Roster page.  We believe that it is correct. If you believe there is an error with this roster, please call the office and share your concerns.  We will investigate and make any necessary corrections.

Statement of the Executive Board

We have become aware of concerns being voiced at the Portland Air Cargo Center (PACC) and the Portland Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC).  We, as the Executive Board of the Portland Oregon Area Local, wish to provide our members with the following facts.

  1. When the Sunset DDC closed, the full time regular employees were excessed/reassigned, not transferred, to Portland P&DC, Mt. Hood DDC and Associate Offices.
  2. The Sunset full time regular employees were excessed/reassigned with their seniority.
  3. Mt. Hood P&DC is being consolidated with Portland P&DC in accordance with Art. 12  of the APWU contract.
  4. Art. 12.5.C.2.a states:   “When an independent postal installation is consolidated with another postal installation, each full time or part time flexible employee shall be involuntarily reassigned   to the continuing installation without loss of seniority in the employee’s craft or occupational group.

Feel free to contact the Local office with any questions or concerns, or plan on attending the next Local General Membership meeting on May 20, 2018 at 6:30 PM.  
Joe Cogan-President

Bill Martin-Vice President

Debbie Battle-Secretary/Tres.

Kevin Fraser-Clerk Craft Director

Steven Clinton-Motor Vehicle Service Director

John King-Maintenance Craft Director

Verna Matthews-Associate Office Director

Daryl Teckenberg-Editor

Cheryl Walton-Director of Education

Daniel Cortez-Director of Legislation



Not surprisingly, the information provided in the Service’s impact notice received on March 2 turned out to be inaccurate.  What was originally listed as a date of March 2019 for the excessing event has now become June of 2018. There are many other details in the impact report that are incorrect that we have brought to the Service’s attention.  

The recent change to a June 2018 date has caused an acceleration of the timeline for getting issues like seniority, jobs, and many other concerns completed prior to the move into the new building. We have been meeting with the Service concerning all of these issues – and more.  The merged Clerk seniority list was provided a few days ago and will be posted here as soon as it is reviewed. A merged Maintenance seniority list should be completed and posted soon.

The withholding of residual duty assignments is now occurring only within the installation. The Service claims there are enough jobs within the installation to prevent excessing to another installation outside of Portland.  The Associate Offices should not have any duty assignments withheld, and any residual AO duty assignments should be placed into the process for filling residual vacancies.

We have already seen a reduction in the number of clerks to be excessed outside of the Clerk Craft.  Attrition through retirements and transfers are helping to reduce the impact. We still have a long way to go, as the number of potential excessed Clerks is still near 200. Those Clerks that are excessed shall remain in the installation, but in other crafts. Duty assignments may be offered in the Maintenance, carrier and mail handler crafts.  Excessing is done by inverse seniority. After the excessing event is completed, and as Clerk duty assignments become available, retreat rights to the Clerk Craft from these other crafts shall be done by seniority.

Local Portland management has determined that the new parcel sorting machine is mail handler work, and intends to post jobs in May or June for this machine that will not be running until October. We have raised the issue that this work/machine has not been awarded to the mailhandler craft, and that posting the jobs would be a violation of an agreement between the two Unions and the USPS.  The APWU at the Regional and National level are involved. We believe that the Service is now “re-grouping” to assess their plan.

The Portland Local will be available to meet with any Members, and we plan to schedule caucuses to share information and answer any questions. Watch the Poker, Facebook page, Local website and bulletin boards for dates of meetings.  

Our next membership meeting is May 20, 2018 at 6:30 pm.  More shall be revealed, watch this space.

Breaking News

The Portland Local received an impact notice on March 2, 2018 that states the service anticipates it will be necessary to excess 212 full time Clerks outside the craft or installation.  Simply put, the service wants to move 212 Clerks out of the Clerk craft. These excessed Clerks will possibly be placed into the Maintenance, mail handler, or letter carrier crafts within the installation. If there are not enough jobs within the installation,  the Clerks will be moved to other postal installations within 50 miles of the new Portland facility. The date of impact is March 1, 2019. This impact notice also includes the service’s intent to terminate 80 Postal Support Employees (PSE) Clerks in Portland.  

There will be many rumors and much speculation about this impact over the coming year.  Please look to the Portland Local Poker, Facebook page, and website (portlandapwu.com) for the latest facts.  We will update these locations with new information as it becomes available. We must stress that this impact notice was provided on March 2, 2018 and the impact/event is anticipated March 1, 2019.  Our Local will be working diligently on this impact over the next year. One of the initial changes locally will be the withholding of positions in the clerk, maintenance, letter carrier and mail handler crafts within 50 miles of the new facility. “Withholding” is the withholding of residual (unbid) vacancies for those full time career employees who are being excessed.  This withholding will prevent the conversion of PSE’s to career status. The withholding may also have an impact on the mail handler and carrier non-career workforce (MHA, CCA) and their conversion to career status. A “Regional Meeting” will be conducted in the near future to discuss the impact notice and excessing event. Our Local officers have provided the APWU Regional Coordinator with a list of our concerns for that meeting.

Convention Delegate Election Results

Multi-State Convention-Spokane WA                                National Convention-Pittsburgh PA

Rank Votes Rank Votes
1 Debbie Battle 32 1 Debbie Battle 35
2 Verna Matthews 30 2 Verna Matthews 32
3 Cheryl Walton 25 3 James Battle 32
4 Daniel Cortez 25 4 Cheryl Walton 26
5 Maria Rojas 23 5 Maria Rojas 24
6 Larry Guarnero 22 6 Daniel Cortez 23
7 Lizz Clore 21 7 Lizz Clore 22
8 Teresa Oller 21 8 Larry Guarnero 20
9 Azeb Embaye 18 9 Teresa Oller 19
10 Joni Oramas 16 10 Joni Oramas 18
11 Daryl Teckenberg JR 15 11 Daryl Teckenberg JR 14
12 Nathan Richardson 15
13 Dameion Grant 12 12 Nathan Richardson 14
14 Travis Epes 11 13 Dameion Grant 12
15 Ivan Cauldwell 11 14 Travis Epes 12
16 Marty Barron 11 15 Marty Barron 10
17 Brian Dunsmore 9 16 Ivan Cauldwell 9
18 Anna Smith 8 17 Anna Smith 7
19 Brian Dunn 7 18 Brian Dunsmore 7
20 John Oliver 5 19 Brian Dunn 5
20 John Oliver 4