Breaking News

The Portland Local received an impact notice on March 2, 2018 that states the service anticipates it will be necessary to excess 212 full time Clerks outside the craft or installation.  Simply put, the service wants to move 212 Clerks out of the Clerk craft. These excessed Clerks will possibly be placed into the Maintenance, mail handler, or letter carrier crafts within the installation. If there are not enough jobs within the installation,  the Clerks will be moved to other postal installations within 50 miles of the new Portland facility. The date of impact is March 1, 2019. This impact notice also includes the service’s intent to terminate 80 Postal Support Employees (PSE) Clerks in Portland.  

There will be many rumors and much speculation about this impact over the coming year.  Please look to the Portland Local Poker, Facebook page, and website ( for the latest facts.  We will update these locations with new information as it becomes available. We must stress that this impact notice was provided on March 2, 2018 and the impact/event is anticipated March 1, 2019.  Our Local will be working diligently on this impact over the next year. One of the initial changes locally will be the withholding of positions in the clerk, maintenance, letter carrier and mail handler crafts within 50 miles of the new facility. “Withholding” is the withholding of residual (unbid) vacancies for those full time career employees who are being excessed.  This withholding will prevent the conversion of PSE’s to career status. The withholding may also have an impact on the mail handler and carrier non-career workforce (MHA, CCA) and their conversion to career status. A “Regional Meeting” will be conducted in the near future to discuss the impact notice and excessing event. Our Local officers have provided the APWU Regional Coordinator with a list of our concerns for that meeting.