Two meetings took place on February 21, 2018 concerning the consolidation of Mt. Hood P&DC into the Portland P&DC.  The first meeting was a “regional” meeting between the APWU Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzales and a USPS representative from Western Area in Denver.  The Portland Local President and Vice President were also a part of this conference call meeting.  The USPS representative stated that Mt. Hood employees will be staying in their current duty assignments until they move into the new building.  He also stated that the Service was “looking at moving all the Clerks, Maintenance and mail handlers into this new facility” and no operations will be remaining at the current Mt. Hood location.  No date was given as to when this move will take place.

The second meeting involved the local parties and took place at the Portland GMF.  Our Union attempted to address several issues that we have been trying to discuss for nearly a year.  There was discussion between the parties about the merging of the Portland and Mt. Hood seniority rosters, and the parties agreed upon a method to accomplish this goal.  

We asked about the staffing levels in the new building for the Clerk Craft, and the Service told us that they “don’t know.”  

We asked about the staffing and complement for the Maintenance Craft, and the Service told us that they “don’t know.”

We asked when current employees would be moving into the new building, and the Service told us that they “don’t know.”  After further questioning from our Union, the Service finally said the employees will be moving in June or July – MAYBE.  

The Service knows when they will take possession of the new building.  They know what machines will be installed in the new building, and they know the staffing needed for most of those machines.  But, they claim they “don’t know” what the staffing will be in the new building.

We have been informed that full-sized lockers are not in the new building’s design plan.  We have been trying to discuss this issue, as well as many other issues, for almost a year.  Now, when the Service will finally discuss the issue of lockers and locker rooms, the only response provided to us is “not in the design.”

We know from speaking with our Members what many of our concerns are.  When will we be moving? What will my job be in the new building? We will continue to push the Service for answers to our questions.  We “don’t know” is not the answer the employees and their families want, need, or deserve to hear from the Service.  At this point, only the building and the machines inside that building have been the Service’s focus.  The time has come for the Service to begin considering the employees and their families.  In reality, it is way past time for the Service to begin discussing the human factors surrounding this event.

Added 3/1/2018:  Mt. Hood P&DC employees are considered impacted and are currently eligible for priority clerk craft 21 day postings on e-reassign.