Mt Hood and Pacc to suffer further reposting of assignments

Local officers were notified by management of their intent to repost duty assignments in November for the Mt Hood and PACC facilities at meetings on October 1st and 2nd.

In January Mt. Hood along with most processing facilities throughout the nation reposted assignments to deal with the new processing plans associated with the delay in first class mail. The staffing models were mandated by USPS headquarters and were a cookie cutter plan that did not serve or otherwise take into account local conditions. Area, District, and Local management failed to do their jobs and instead of pushing back against these cookie cutter schemes blindly followed their directives, to the detriment of our customers. Our customers have been inflicted with delayed mail and we the employees have been shuttled around from one misguided staffing scheme to another. On October 1, 2015 Mt. Hood management unveiled their newest scheme. Without any evidence or concrete facts they once again expect the employees to rebid assignments and upset their daily work lives in the vain hope that management’s new plan will work. We the Union have had enough of empty promises and shoddy plans. We will pursue grievances that protest the reposting of assignments as arbitrary and capricious and will pursue those grievance until management proves otherwise by actually presenting a plan based on real numbers and real expectations.

The PACC situation is even more egregious. We sat down several months ago and heard from local management on how absolutely necessary it was to change a majority of assignments to non-traditional 4/10’s. We were assured that because two local managers had reviewed the operations and suggested the changes that these repostings would fix all the PACC’s problems. Despite all the assurances and promises to the contrary the plan is a failure. They will be reposting over 20 assignments back to traditional 5 day assignments. We will also be pursuing grievances on this issue because management failed to bring any concrete facts to the table. We are supposed to once again believe that this newest and greatest plan will fix everything and in the meantime the employees are expected to upend their personal lives to satisfy managements voracious appetite for some pipe dream of perfect mail flow and no overtime.

PACC reposting list

Above is the spreadsheet showing the jobs to be reposted at the PACC. Management at Mt. Hood was unable to even provide a complete listing of impacted employees or real schedules for review or comment. I would certainly approach your local manager if you have questions regarding your specific assignment and ask why it’s necessary that your particular assignment is targeted for reposting.