Portland District USPS treats Veteran with Dishonor

This is Braden Pelky, President of the Eugene Area Local APWU #679. I know it is late notice but we have a pressing issue that we hoped management was going to resolve. They have not done so, and it does not seem that they will. We are now moving forward with putting this issue in the limelight.

On July 9th management removed an active duty service member from the USPS. This employee was hired by the USPS 10 years ago and has been on active duty for around 8 years. Management is saying that he exceeded his USERRA rights by being in a leave without pay status for in excess of 5 years. This man is a patriot and is serving his country. It is no harm for the USPS to keep this man on the rolls. The only benefit we ask of him staying on the rolls, is when his service to his country is finished, he has a job waiting for him at the USPS. He has sacrificed his time that he could have been putting in at another career and he deserves to stay on the rolls so he can come back to his position.

We are asking to keep his branch and his name anonymous to keep his family protected from any possible harm. I don’t know if you want to pursue any of this but I thought I would put it out there. A group of us from the USPS and others from veteran groups and labor representatives will be having a protest on August 13th from 8am to 6pm, with emphasis around 430pm. Any help is appreciated. It will be at the plant on Gateway street in Springfield.

Thank you and in solidarity,
Braden Pelky
President, Eugene Area Local APWU #679