Scholarships applications online for the OPWU scholarship-Deadline approaching

OPWU scholarship application

Rules and Guidelines for Oregon Postal Workers Union

And Auxiliary Scholarship Program

  1. The student must be a child of an active or deceased member of a local or MAL (Member at Large) that is a member of the OPWU (Oregon Postal Workers Union)
  1. The student’s parent must have been a member of the OPWU in good standing for a total of at least One Year immediately preceding application or must have been a member for at least One Year immediately preceding death.
  1. The student must be a senior attending high school or other corresponding secondary school.
  1. The scholarship recipient must attend an accredited college, university or trade school of his or her choice. The student must make his or her own application to the college, university or trade school.
  1. The student’s application for the scholarship must be on an official application form. Completed application form must be sent to the OPWU and postmarked no later than the requested deadline. The 2015 Deadline is January 15, 2015.
  1. All questionnaires, secondary school reports and document must be postmarked in the year of graduation.
  1. The scholarship must be used towards pursuing an undergraduate degree or trade school certification.
  1. The OPWU will provide the following scholarship for 2015: 2 (two) – $1000 scholarships.
  1. The winner(s) will be judged on the basis of their secondary school reports, personal resume, commendations and recommendations.
  1. The Scholarship Selection Committee will make the decision as to awards. The decision of the selection committee will be final.
  1. The amount of the scholarship will be deposited with the college, university or trade school attended by the student. When the recipient notifies the OPWU he or she has registered, the award will be sent to the business office to be applied to the cost of tuition with the stipulation the any monies refunded to be sent to the OPWU Scholarship Fund.
  1. If the qualifying parent is in a supervisory capacity this will nullify the application of the graduating senior student regardless of local membership, be it a DCO (dues check off) case paying membership.
  1. Send completed application form and requests for additional forms to: Mike Parker, OPWU Auxiliary President, 6825 N. Fenwick, Portland, OR 97217.