Mt Hood Clerks–Your bidding rights

Mt. Hood clerks have been given some bad information or poorly relayed information from certain supervisors regarding their bidding rights and opportunities.

Every clerk at Mt. Hood is eligible to bid every assignment in the current vacancy notice with the exception of the tour two AFSM assignments.

The tour two AFSM assignments are being posted for administrative reasons. After the posting they will be offered to employees who have retreat rights to the tour 2 AFSM section.

One clarification for tour one employees. Retreat rights are only granted to those employees who remain in section and are involuntarily reassigned in January. However, those reassignments will be to the residual assignments that remain after the bidding process. Generally it is in your best interest to bid and choose for yourself the assignments that meet your needs and not wait to be involuntarily assigned to the leftovers.

Mt Hood December Vacancy Notice