Important information for potential bidders


Please ensure that you have your new password for bidding. You will still need your pin number to set up the new password. If you have lost your pin you will encounter problems and will have to contact shared services. Do so immediately!

This is from shared services:

Good afternoon,

Due to the Cyber Intrusion, the ability to reset pin numbers and passwords was temporarily removed. As of yesterday, access has been restored, but the new pin number or password must be mailed to the employee.

Please advise employees to call back to the HR Shared Service Center at 1-877-477-3273, Opt. 5, so that a representative may assist.

A PostalEase worksheet may also be completed to elect insurance if the employee has the enrollment code for the health insurance plan they wish to elect. The PostalEase worksheet can be obtained by doing a Google search for “PostalEase worksheet 2014”.

This worksheet may be mailed to the HRSSC for processing at:

HRSSC Benefits & Compensation

PO Box 970400

Greensboro, NC  27497-0400

Or Faxed to: 336-662-4073 or (336-662-4070)

 Thank you,

 HRSSC Benefits & Compensation