Statement of the Executive Board

We have become aware of concerns being voiced at the Portland Air Cargo Center (PACC) and the Portland Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC).  We, as the Executive Board of the Portland Oregon Area Local, wish to provide our members with the following facts.

  1. When the Sunset DDC closed, the full time regular employees were excessed/reassigned, not transferred, to Portland P&DC, Mt. Hood DDC and Associate Offices.
  2. The Sunset full time regular employees were excessed/reassigned with their seniority.
  3. Mt. Hood P&DC is being consolidated with Portland P&DC in accordance with Art. 12  of the APWU contract.
  4. Art. 12.5.C.2.a states:   “When an independent postal installation is consolidated with another postal installation, each full time or part time flexible employee shall be involuntarily reassigned   to the continuing installation without loss of seniority in the employee’s craft or occupational group.

Feel free to contact the Local office with any questions or concerns, or plan on attending the next Local General Membership meeting on May 20, 2018 at 6:30 PM.  
Joe Cogan-President

Bill Martin-Vice President

Debbie Battle-Secretary/Tres.

Kevin Fraser-Clerk Craft Director

Steven Clinton-Motor Vehicle Service Director

John King-Maintenance Craft Director

Verna Matthews-Associate Office Director

Daryl Teckenberg-Editor

Cheryl Walton-Director of Education

Daniel Cortez-Director of Legislation