Service Delays Portland Installation Annual Leave Sign Up

The service continues to violate the collective bargaining agreement when they failed to provide information to our Union that is necessary to conduct the 2018 annual leave sign-up.

The LMOU Item 4A states “Management shall provide the Union President or his designee lists of employees by section for Pay Period 24 by the end of PP 25”. This language in Item 4A was first negotiated into the 2007-2010 Portland Clerk Craft Memo.

November 11, 2017     PP 24 Begins. Who is in which AL book is determined and set.

November 25, 2017     PP25 begins.  Service has not provided information.

November 27, 2017     Union President provided a good faith reminder of our LMOU language and end of PP25 deadline to the Manager of Labor Relations.

December 8, 2017       PP25 ends, information was not provided.

December 11, 2017     Union requests Step 1 Designee to file Step 1, information was not provided.

December 11, 2017     Service provides notice that LR Specialist Mark Morrissey is Step 1 designee and provides some information.  Incorrect information for Plant and PACC, Correct information for City Stations, no information for any other sections listed in our LMOU.

December 15, 2017     Step 1 meeting, information was not provided.

December 19, 2017     Step 1 Decision, information was not provided, service was unable to state when information will be provided.

The parties were not able to reach an agreement for the remedy at Step 1.  When asked if he was denying the grievance the service’s Step 1 designee Mark Morrissey stated he was not denying the grievance. When asked if he was sustaining the grievance, the services Step 1 designee Mark Morrissey stated he was not sustaining the grievance.  As the service did not provide a decision of denial or sustain, our Union has no choice but to appeal to Step 2 to maintain time limits.  The service Step 1 designee stated he agreed there was a violation but could not agree with the remedy and could not or would not provide a time when the documentation will be provided.

As of December 20, 2017,  the service had 39 days to prepare and provide the information and has failed to provide the information and refuses to tell our Union when it will be provided.

The 39 days that passed and the timeline of this issue shows an intentional act of bad faith bargaining by the service, Step 1 designee Mark Morrissey and the manager of labor relations.