Here We Go Again, Part 2

Local Union officers met with members of management on May 9, 2017 .  This meeting was concerning the upcoming changes the service intends on doing.  They have a plan to change operations at the Portland Plant and to Portland city stations.  How these changes will impact Mt. Hood P&DC, PACC and the AO’s is yet to be determined or even addressed by the service.

The service stated they intend on moving 70-80 percent of DPS volumes to Mt. Hood P&DC.  And then went on to state “don’t quote me on those numbers”.  The reason they claim for this move is that Mt. Hood is more efficient and that it will make for an easier move to the new building in March 2018.   The service provided a list of 36 Tour 3 plant jobs they intend on abolishing.  The service claims that this will result in sectional excessing.  This means that the junior clerks will be moved to another section.  The service does not know where they are moving the excess clerks.  Management claims the excessed clerks will be assigned work currently performed by PSE’s.  They claim that PSE hours will be reduced.  We were told previously that PSE’s will be laid off at Portland in hope that they apply to work at Mt. Hood.

The service claims they are over staffed by 24 full time jobs in the Portland city stations. The service identified 35 station non-traditional full time (NTFT) clerk jobs for reversion, abolishment or reposting.  These are the 4/10’s and less than 40 hour positions in the city stations.  The service stated that the reason that NTFT assignments are identified is they are the best place to find hours savings and the jobs are hard to back fill.

The service only provided a list of job numbers. The Union has requested more information.  As of this posting, none has been provided.  The service requested another meeting this week.  Without specifics based on facts and documentation, why have a meeting? The Union offered to meet May 18th or 19th, the service did not take the Union up on that offer.  There are many questions that the service was unable to answer.  Who are the impacted employees?  Where will the impacted employees be reassigned?  What is the impact to PSE’s.

Mt. Hood P&DC, PACC, Maintenance at Mt. Hood and Portland and Motor Vehicle Service;    Moving a large volume of mail to Mt. Hood, how will the mail get there and out to its final destination?  What will be the impact on the Maintenance and Clerk craft employees at PACC and Mt. Hood P&DC?  What will be the impact on the Maintenance employees at Portland P&DC?  All questions that need to be asked and answered. The service has not stated any impact to the employees in these areas. The Union has mailed a request for a Labor Management meeting with the Manager of Mt. Hood P&DC.

The local knows that if the service goes forward with these actions they will be in violation of our contract.  Be assured that we are taking this seriously and working diligently addressing these proposed changes. We will be enforcing our contract.  We suggest that if you think you are one of the impacted employees; ask your supervisor what they are doing. This is managements plan.  Management should know why and who.  Your local supervisor, manager, MDO should be able to communicate to the employees what is occurring.  If they say they don’t know, ask them to find out and get back to you.

There are many issues that will need to be addressed concerning these actions.  Watch this site for updates.  Local officers will be available to answer questions at E-Council at 5:00 pm and  Local membership meeting at 6:30 pm, May 21, 2017.