When Will They Get It Right?

On Friday April 14, 2017 Vice-President Bill Martin, Clerk Craft Director Kevin Fraser and I attended a meeting with the Senior Plant Manager, District Manager and Human Resources Manager. This was just a short “heads up” meeting. We expect many more to come. The service has determined that mail volume has reached a point that they need to abolish and re-post duty assignments. This is allegedly due to a national applications called “Workforce Dashboard” and “Job Bid Management”. We all know what has happened with their previous national programs. If you remember “Four Walls” or “OWC”, we all know how well that worked out. Within days we all knew it wasn’t working. Within weeks and months, the service started to pack it in. The problem with national programs is that local management goes along with it, no matter what the local circumstances. The service claims that 67 districts are going through this process. One size does not fit all.  How many of those 67 will be consolidating three mail processing facilities into one building in less then a year?

The service would like to eliminate Non-Traditional duty assignments in the Portland city stations. At the same time they would like to move mail for DPS processing from the Portland P&DC to the Mt. Hood P&DC.  The service claims this will result in re-posting and abolishment of duty assignments and laying off of PSE’s.  The service hopes the PSE’s let go in Portland will go to work at Mt. Hood P&DC. The service would like to see this process completed in June. We will be meeting regularly on this issue as well as the consolidating of Mt. Hood P&DC with the Portland Installation.

May 21 and June 14 will be the next General Membership meetings.    As new details become available we will be updating the members at those meetings as well as on the local website and Facebook page.

The Postal Service, as of April 26, still does not know what the details are  for the city stations and have not provided any new information for the stations or P&DC’s.   The service stated that they hope to have more details around May 3.