Pen Pushers Update

Last Monday clerks from the P&DC and PACC gathered to learn and discuss strategies regarding the latest round of repostings and excessing. That same evening we were notified by management that the notification letters that had been sent out would be rescinded. At that time no reasons were given.

Management requested to meet on Friday and our local representatives met once again with USPS representatives. To his credit Senior Plant Manager Felipe Flores had the letters rescinded in order to address the issues raised by the Union.

During the Friday meeting we secured several commitments from management.

  • We submitted graphs showing the tour one PSE hours in an attempt to reduce the number of duty assignment to be excessed from tour one. Management committed to review the information.
  • Management committed to ensure that employees receive timely notifications that contain accurate information and effective dates.
  • That the majority of notification letters will be hand delivered by supervisors who will be briefed so that they may answer any questions or concerns that the employees may have.
  • That large spreadsheets with the proposed jobs will be posted both at the P&DC and PACC when the notification letters are distributed.
  • That the 18 newly established tour two assignments at the PACC are an increase in complement and will not result in reversions in other sections along with 4 tour two assignments at the P&DC.
  • We were notified that management will not award the 18 tour two assignments APBS this month but will repost them in the next vacancy announcement.
  • Management will provide a plan to fill the 18 tour two assignment at the PACC while they are pending the award and placement of clerks.

We are still demanding and have yet to receive sufficient justification for the changes at the PACC of assignments from NTFT to traditional. We have scheduled two additional meetings to attempt to resolve all the outstanding issues before management proceeds and we are forced to file grievances.

Clerks can expect to receive new notification letters before the end of the month.