Clerks united in fighting the lies and unlawful tactics of the Gresham Postmaster

In a show of solidarity every clerk removed their names from the overtime desired lists. They are protesting the underhanded tactics of the Gresham Postmaster who seems intent on creating a workplace that pits employee against employee to shield himself and his management team from blame for their radical and uncalled for changes to duty assignments.

Despite saying that they would have no problem adhering to the rules they immediately violated our agreement and worked employees on overtime. Then two managers called 3 of the clerks into a captive audience meeting in an attempt to intimidate and harass the employees for their collective action.

We will stand strong against these unlawful tactics and are already gathering the necessary evidence to pursue an unfair labor practice claim and proceed to file with the National Labor Relations Board.

In Solidarity We Stand

Portland Oregon Area Local

American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO