Community joins postal workers to protest Staples deal

Over 60 protesters showed up in support of our efforts to derail the Postal Service’s plan to subcontract out retail services to Staples. The Postal Service is currently planning on subcontracting postal services to the detriment of the postal customers and its employees.

Postal retail clerks are highly trained and skilled workers who are fairly compensated and swear an oath to protect the sanctity of the mail they handle. Staples on the other hand underpays its workers, suffers high turnover and only requires its employees to swear to wear a red shirt when they show up for work. They recently closed over 200 stores without notice and will continue to do so when it suits their needs.

This deal is a direct attack on us as postal workers and is a ploy by the Postal Service to close urban retail units and divert customers to far away Staples stores. 20140518_151806