Process to fill residual duty assignments has begun

Officers of the local met with district management to begin the process to fill residual duty assignment in accordance with the recently signed memorandum of understanding. We have been provided a list of residuals in the district and are currently reviewing it for accuracy. We have also been provided seniority rosters for Portland and Mt. Hood postal support employees. We have posted the information in the PSE/PTF page here on the website. Please ensure that your seniority dates are correct.

There is still some uncertainty regarding when the one-time posting will occur for the part-time flexibles to exercise their right to transfer to a full-time position. We have sent inquires to the national organization and are waiting for a response. Part-time flexibles will receive notice by mail from the postal service regarding the opportunity and don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding this event. You do not want to miss this opportunity if you have a desire to become full-time and there is an assignment that fits your needs.

After the one time posting for part-time flexibles and any transfers from clerks who are impacted by reassignment, remaining residuals will go to the postal support employees. July is the earliest we expect to see this happen. We will keep everyone up to date as the process moves forward.