Breakfast with Senator Wyden

Portland Oregon Area Local officers attended the NW Labor Council  breakfast with Senator Ron Wyden. Legislative Director Patty Olson delivered the over 100 signatures gathered at the recent union picnic with a letter opposing Senate Bill 1486.

Attending also were Oregon State President Anna Smith, Clerk Craft Director Bill Martin, and Member Cindy Olson. They all relayed their dismay over the flawed Senate Bill 1486. The APWU supports Senate Bill 316 and thanked the Senator for his early sponsorship of that bill. Patty Olson passed on information to the Senator following the breakfast relating to postal reform and the USPS transformation plan.

It’s important that members continue to contact their congressional representatives about the extremely negative bills that are being considered and demand that positive postal reform be passed, that doesn’t gut employee rights or benefits and provides the universal overnight delivery that the American Public deserves.