“Some men rob you with a six-gun — others rob you with a fountain pen.” Woody Guthrie

Currently there are at least 24 bills in Congress regarding the Postal Service. By far the majority of these bills negatively affect Postal Workers.  Some would even result in your job loss regardless of seniority, veteran status, disability or other factors.

Several bills allow or in some cases demand that the Postal Service close hundreds of processing plants and thousands of retail units. Others affect future retirement, health care, wages, and job security, all negatively.

Legislative action is needed to relieve the Postal Service of the ridiculous requirement to pre-fund future employee’s health care costs. This pre-funding requirement has resulted in billions of dollars being siphoned from the Postal Service and is a direct contributor to the Postal Service’s current financial situation.

Despite the fact that the Postmaster General has embarked on a plan to destroy the Postal Service as we know it, Congress has still failed to pass or even vote on a bill that addresses these fundamental obstacles to our success.

The changes to overnight delivery and the closing of over 200 mail processing plants throughout the country as soon as this April will just be the beginning of the end of the Postal Service.

I take great pride in the service that we provide the American citizenry and the contributions to our democracy through our timely collection and delivery of the mail.

Take a moment today and contact your congressperson. Just click the “Take Action” page and get started.  Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Your job depends on it and the service we provide is worth fighting for!

“It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.”  Harry Truman