The APWU signed a new agreement to address understaffing issues in mail processing functions at the Postal Service.

Function 1 (plant mail processing) staffing will be increased. This will also bring conversion of 40 Function 1 Portland Installation PSEs to career status. This is scheduled to happen on July 31, 2021 and placement into duty assignments or unencumbered assignments August 14, 2021.  It is currently our understanding that five residual window clerk duty assignments will be offered to these new career employees. The service holds the position that if someone chooses one of these window clerk/SSA assignments and fails to qualify, they will return to PSE status. We do not agree, and the service has not provided anything to support their position.  The safe bet for these new career employees is DO NOT PICK A WINDOW CLERK POSITION/JOB! Opportunities to bid window assignments will be available after conversion to career.  Again, to be safe, DO NOT PICK A WINDOW CLERK POSITION/JOB!

 On July 31, 2021 the PSE’s flexible schedule should stop and they should be provided a fixed 5 days, 8 hour schedule. Career employees are subject to required overtime. Non-overtime desired list employees can be required to work up to 10 hours a day, 4 days a week and one non-scheduled day of 8 hours.  Unassigned employees, or Unencumbered as defined in our contract, are provided scheduled hours and days off.  That schedule can be changed once during the first 28 days of becoming unencumbered. Additional changes may be made but cannot be effective until 180 days after the effective date of any previous change. If you are one of these newly converted career employees and are still scheduled like a PSE after July 31, 2021, ask to see a steward or call the local office.
 We welcome these 40 new career employees.  Your Union is here to assist you with any questions and enforcing your contractual rights. The most recent PSE seniority/standing on the rolls roster can be found on this site.