Plans for Opening Day

We have received many questions from our Membership about what will happen when we arrive at the new Portland plant on 06/16/18.  Our latest meeting with the Service has provided some information that we want to share with you. The Service intends to gather all of the employees in the Cascade conference room to view a short video.  Upon completion of the video, employees will tour the workroom floor with safety representatives. All employees should receive this first day orientation concerning emergency evacuation exits and gathering points, BDS, lockers, timecards, safety, etc.  

This orientation should be held on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to cover different days off for the workforce.  If needed, another orientation will occur on Tuesday. The Service should provide the same orientation to any employees who are on leave during this next week.  

Reminder: Union T-Shirts on Fridays and Opening Day Stickers.

We must stress that all Members should have their e-bidding accounts established at this time.  If you have not bid in a while, or have not set up your e-bidding account and password, you need to complete this process as soon as possible.  Please do not wait until the last minute, only to find that you are unable to bid on any vacancies in the future.