Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more. – Louis L’Amour

Congratulations to all the recent postal support employees who have been converted to career status as a result of the negotiated memorandum. 31 clerks in Portland are being converted on July 12th.

The maintenance craft has finally reached an agreement that clarifies and improves on the March pse conversion memo. Every maintenance PSE in the nation, over 3,000, will be converted to career in their present installation! This is a tremendous victory and good news for all our maintenance pse members.

MS-47 and PSE conversion memo

Community joins postal workers to protest Staples deal

Over 60 protesters showed up in support of our efforts to derail the Postal Service’s plan to subcontract out retail services to Staples. The Postal Service is currently planning on subcontracting postal services to the detriment of the postal customers and its employees.

Postal retail clerks are highly trained and skilled workers who are fairly compensated and swear an oath to protect the sanctity of the mail they handle. Staples on the other hand underpays its workers, suffers high turnover and only requires its employees to swear to wear a red shirt when they show up for work. They recently closed over 200 stores without notice and will continue to do so when it suits their needs.

This deal is a direct attack on us as postal workers and is a ploy by the Postal Service to close urban retail units and divert customers to far away Staples stores. 20140518_151806

Stop Staples Rally

Join us as we rally on May 18th from 3 pm – 4 pm in front of the Staples located on 10251 NE Cascades Parkway (next to Ikea). Staples and the USPS have cut a deal that jeopardizes the sanctity of the mail and thousands of family wage jobs. The deal threatens to close or reduce service at post offices throughout the country.

Stop Staples Now!

The Portland delegation just returned from a successful trip to the quadrennial multi-state convention which was held in Boise, Idaho this year. The Portland Oregon Area Local submitted several resolutions to be considered and the majority were well received and were endorsed by the Oregon State Convention and Multi-State Convention delegates. Those resolutions will now go forward to the National Convention for consideration this July.

We also participated in the Stop Staples national day of action. We marched through downtown Boise and gathered on the State Capital steps. We were joined by delegates from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Washington to raise awareness and gather support to stop this subcontracting of postal services to the detriment of the American Public.

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National parties agree on questions and answers regarding the filling of residual duty assignments

The national parties reached agreement on several outstanding issues and provided clarification regarding the MOU for filling residual duty assignments. Perhaps the best news is the agreement that PSE’s who have completed two successive appointments won’t be required to complete a new probationary period upon conversion to career.

Questions and Answers

Process to fill residual duty assignments has begun

Officers of the local met with district management to begin the process to fill residual duty assignment in accordance with the recently signed memorandum of understanding. We have been provided a list of residuals in the district and are currently reviewing it for accuracy. We have also been provided seniority rosters for Portland and Mt. Hood postal support employees. We have posted the information in the PSE/PTF page here on the website. Please ensure that your seniority dates are correct.

There is still some uncertainty regarding when the one-time posting will occur for the part-time flexibles to exercise their right to transfer to a full-time position. We have sent inquires to the national organization and are waiting for a response. Part-time flexibles will receive notice by mail from the postal service regarding the opportunity and don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding this event. You do not want to miss this opportunity if you have a desire to become full-time and there is an assignment that fits your needs.

After the one time posting for part-time flexibles and any transfers from clerks who are impacted by reassignment, remaining residuals will go to the postal support employees. July is the earliest we expect to see this happen. We will keep everyone up to date as the process moves forward.