Rally to save our jobs and the service

Senator Jeff Merkley Joins Postal Workers to rally Against Plant Closures and Mail Delays

November 11, 2014


Portland Waterfront Park—

Salmon Street Springs Fountain, SW Salmon Street & Naito — Then march to the Battleship Oregon Memorial to hear from Senator Merkley and activists.

We are running out of time-On January 5th the Postal Service will slow down the mail and end overnight delivery to every address in the country.

The change in delivery standards will cause widespread changes in Portland, PACC, & Mt. Hood.

At least 82 plants are slated for closure including our sister cities of Pendleton, Bend, and Eugene.

We are rallying to bring attention to this drastic change and get the Congress to put a stop to it.



Nomination of Officers to take place October 19th

At the October 19th general membership meeting nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Director of Education, Director of Legislation, Editor, Clerk Craft Director, Maintenance Craft Director, MVS Craft Director, and Associate Office Director will be taken.

All members in good standing are eligible. See the last edition of the Poker for a full listing of rules regarding the election.

Membership Appreciation Picnic 2014

Thank you to all the members for their support and participation. It is because we stand together, taking care of each other, that we enjoy family wages. It has been a tough year but no matter the travails there is always time to pause, thank each other for the hard work, and enjoy some great BBQ with friends and family

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Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more. – Louis L’Amour

Congratulations to all the recent postal support employees who have been converted to career status as a result of the negotiated memorandum. 31 clerks in Portland are being converted on July 12th.

The maintenance craft has finally reached an agreement that clarifies and improves on the March pse conversion memo. Every maintenance PSE in the nation, over 3,000, will be converted to career in their present installation! This is a tremendous victory and good news for all our maintenance pse members.

MS-47 and PSE conversion memo

Community joins postal workers to protest Staples deal

Over 60 protesters showed up in support of our efforts to derail the Postal Service’s plan to subcontract out retail services to Staples. The Postal Service is currently planning on subcontracting postal services to the detriment of the postal customers and its employees.

Postal retail clerks are highly trained and skilled workers who are fairly compensated and swear an oath to protect the sanctity of the mail they handle. Staples on the other hand underpays its workers, suffers high turnover and only requires its employees to swear to wear a red shirt when they show up for work. They recently closed over 200 stores without notice and will continue to do so when it suits their needs.

This deal is a direct attack on us as postal workers and is a ploy by the Postal Service to close urban retail units and divert customers to far away Staples stores. 20140518_151806